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My sister already spilled the beans.. but I came back from Gettysburg Jimmy’s fiancee

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How to Call Your Bae: A Guide by Catherine the Great


How to Call Your Bae: A Guide by Catherine the Great


The Romanovs and their palaces. Ливадийский дворец | Livadia Palace | Russia | Crimea | a few miles west of Yalta. 

We cannot find any words to express our joy and pleasure to have such a house, built exactly as we wanted. The architect Krasnov is an amazing fine fellow" - wrote Nicholas II to his mother, the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna on September 20th, 1911, after his first visit to Livadia.

Livadia was originally built in 1911 as a summer palace for Nicholas II. The palace was designed by the Russian architect Nikolay Petrovich Krasnov in the Italian Renaissance style with some features of Byzantine, Arabian and Gothic architecture in addition. N.P. Krasnov managed to successfully inscribe the palace into the surrounding landscape and situate the building in such a way that all its sides were absolutely open for the sun. The palace contains 116 rooms, with interiors furnished in different styles. There are 5 grand rooms in the palace: Vestibule, the majestic Dining room (so-called “White Hall”), an English billiard-room, Rest room and a Tsar’s study of maple wood. This palace was the site of the historic Yalta Conference of 1945, when Joseph Stalin hosted the British prime minister, Winston Churchill, and the U.S. president, Franklin Roosevelt, as these three world leaders decided the fate of eastern Europe after World War II. Today the palace is a museum.



Did You Know?

Since 1745, an army of cats are used to guard the artworks of the Hermitage Museum of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg from rodent predators. By the time of the reign of Catherine the Great, there was a substantial number of cats. They survived the storming of the building by the Bolsheviks in 1917, but the siege of Leningrad (as it was then called) during the Second World War meant that their descendants succumbed to disease, starvation or the needs of the famished human population. The basement is the ‘cat headquarters’ and where their food is prepared and their health looked after.


an army of cats

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Anonymous said: What is Manifest Destiny?


Before Destiny’s Child, there was Manifest Destiny, a sassy band consisting of James K. Polk, Henry Clay, and Beyoncé.

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1956: Israel, GB and France attempt to seize Suez Canal. US and USSR condemnation forces ‘imperialist’ aggressors to back down.
2014: Israel unilaterally launches invasion of Gaza strip. International community supports Israel’s right to ‘self-defence’.

1956: Hungarian revolutionaries against Soviet-sponsored Communist regime ruthlessly crushed by Soviet tanks. ‘The West’ too involved in the Suez crisis to take note.
2014: Ukrainian revolutionaries against Russian-sponsored Yanukovych regime resisted by Russian infiltrators and ‘separatists’, who are so incompetent as to shoot down a passenger jet by mistake (The most likely set of circumstances.) 

In the 21st century, Russia seems less willing to involve itself in overt military actions, leading to terrorists plugging the gap. Meanwhile, Israel has transformed from a minnow threatened from all sides by hostile states to being 100% secure in American support (whether overt or tacit). We like to talk about progress over time, but are these developments so positive?

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17th July 1918 - 17-го иоля 1918 г.

17th July 1918 - 17-го иоля 1918 г.

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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition

Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition